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ILU provides customized and integrated location based technology solutions to improve businesses in many industries.

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Supply Chain Management

Know where every package is from the time it leaves your supplier until it hits your company's location. With automatic updates through Geo-tagging and GPS tracking every step along the way. Work with us to integrate into your inventory management solution to allow for seamless inventory tracking and management. Use various tracking devices from disposable devices to long-term devices that submit environmental and equipment condition information.

Logistics Companies

Improve oversight on fleet drivers and vehicles with our fleet management and tracking solutions. Also allowing you to identify idle vehicles, improve maintenance schedules, and monitor driver habits such as speeding, harsh braking, rapid acceleration, and many other need to know items. Use our mapping and route management tools to improve fleet productivity through route and asset location management.

Fleet Management

Maximize your ROI as a fleet and vehicle manager by staying informed about the performance of your fleet. Monitoring environmental, safety, and fuel conditions putting the power of informed decision making at your fingertips. ILU devices will also give you a continuous update on the status of your vehicles with location, distance, fuel, and driver behavior updates through our platform.

Trailer Tracking

Having problems managing your assets on campus? Geofence your campus to allow for a real time view of asset locations by zone; searchable by asset number. Asset trackers are accurate up to 3 feet and can be viewed through a mobile or desktop application.

Local Business

Whether you are in the home services business such as plumbing, construction, etc. or are in need of fleet/employee tracking; we have you covered. Offering on-board or on-person tracking devices. Providing proof of time in transit and on site. With other exciting technologies in the works to improve employee oversight.

Auto Dealers

Protect your investment by tracking the live location of your fleet as well as driver behavior and miles driven.